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Our approach

We invest in startups from Seed to Series B across Fintech and SaaS.

  • Europe-based, global reach

    We are based in Europe, with offices in the United Kingdom and Belgium. We invest primarily in Europe, but we also invest up to 20% of our fund in emerging markets and have backed companies operating in Africa, LATAM and Southeast Asia.

    We help our companies scale into other geographies and attract follow on capital from some of the most renowned growth investors in the world.

  • Fintech and SaaS

    We are passionate about disruptive technologies that solve a real customer pain. We look for businesses with strong unit economics and high scalability, run by extraordinary entrepreneurs. We invest early, add direction, help scale and attract top-tier follow on capital.

    Around half of our investments are in Fintech. Since financial services are ingrained into nearly every aspect of our life and work, it is a natural target for disruption and innovation. We back fintech companies across payments, credit, insurance, core banking infrastructure, crypto, and more.

    The remaining half we invest in SaaS companies across a range of industries. We have backed SaaS startups in sectors ranging from data & analytics to hospitality and HR. We look for companies with real business models where we can add value.

  • Seed to Series B

    We believe the first few rounds of a company’s life are the most critical. We like to back extraordinary founders early, joining their Seed or Series A round as lead or co-lead.

    The beginning is when the stage is set for value to be created. It is the early decisions that often prove most decisive in a company’s long-term journey and, ultimately, its level of success.

  • €1-5m initial investment, plus follow on

    We start with an initial investment of €1-5m, with an average of €2.5m. We reserve follow on capital of up to €10m for the best performing companies so we can continue to support our portfolio companies as they grow.

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Our name

Why we're called 6 Degrees Capital

We chose our name as a nod to the famous concept of 6 degrees of separation, but also to signify the importance of direction. At the start of a journey, altering your course by just 6 degrees is a small change, but as your journey progresses that small change ends up taking you to a wildy different place. 6 Degrees reflects the importance of getting the small, important things right early, to ensure that you end up where you want to be.