Introducing 6 Degrees Capital

Hello World.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of 6 Degrees Capital, an early-stage VC focused on Fintech & SaaS companies.

The team behind 6 Degrees Capital has been managing funds together for years. We are incredibly excited to venture on our own, and to build the next great European VC.

Who we are

We are a team of eight. The managing partners have over 20 years of investment experience. Six of us have managed VC funds together for many years at Force Over Mass Capital. And two more people have joined at the start of this new journey, from Antler and Plug and Play, with a mix of investing and operator experience.

Learn more about the team here.

What companies do we invest in?

Our investment approach is a continuation of what we have been doing successfully throughout our careers:

  • Initial checks in Seed and Series A, with follow-on investments in later rounds. We invest when it matters the most!
  • Focus on Fintech and SaaS. We love building scalable software companies.
  • Europe-first. With offices in London and Antwerp, we have extensive experience investing across the entire European continent. For those verticals we know best, we also love to expand our focus to emerging markets, where we have backed founders across Africa, Asia and LatAm.

What qualities do we look for?

Our ideal investment is easy to define, yet difficult to find. We believe in:

  • Disruptive technologies that solve a genuine customer pain.
  • Businesses with strong unit economics and the ability to scale.
  • Extraordinary entrepreneurs leading the way.

How does our investment process work?

We are very thorough, but we move fast.

If you have a well-organised data room, we can write a term sheet in weeks. We are happy to lead or co-lead.

If we are not a match, we say no quickly and provide honest and direct feedback. If we are a match, we will back you all the way!

You can start your journey with us here.

Why the name 6 Degrees Capital?

You may be familiar with the concept of 6 degrees of separation. You are never more than 6 relationships away from any other human. So much of success in startups comes from meeting the right person: a cofounder, an investor, a customer. It helps to remember that they are never that far away.

Furthermore, the name signifies the importance of direction. At the start of a journey, changing your course by just 6 degrees is a small change, but as you progress, that small change can lead you to a wildly different place. 6 Degrees represents the significance of getting the important things right early on, so you end up where you need to be. The power of compounding.

We back companies at an early stage, leading or co-leading rounds, and we help get those critical initial decisions right. We provide capital and direction.

Follow our journey

We strongly believe in transparency and clear communication.

It is an essential part of how we do business. Therefore, we will be sharing our ideas and research on companies we have invested in, sectors we like and lessons we have learned along the way.

You’ll be able to find all this on our blog, or by signing up for our email list.

We hope you’ll follow our journey. If you’d like to be a part of it, please contact us here.


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